How To Make Your Business Cards Standout From The Pack

December 18, 2018
Business Cards Standout From The Pack

The world might be far more digital than it used to be. But business cards are still a useful and effective marketing tool. When someone has viewed 100’s of websites, facebook pages, and ads that week, having a memorable business card in someone’s hand or sitting on their desk might just be the thing that differentiates you.


Your business card should be an extension of your logo and brand. So if that’s minimalistic, your card should reflect the same aesthetic. If you’re ever in doubt, err on the side of simplicity so there’s less to go wrong. There’s nothing worse than a tacky business card.

Go through your own collection of business cards or go to google to look at examples of cards in the same industry. Make a note of what you like and what you don’t like. Sleep on it. Which business do you remember the most? There’s a good chance the business card had something to do with it. Use this as inspiration.


Most business cards in Australia are 90x55mm but some prefer to make them slightly smaller at 86x54mm (credit card size) as these fit better into all wallets.

It’s recommended you stick with the standard sizes for most applications as you don’t want your business card to be a nuisance which they might associate that trait with your business. It’s also much easier for your brand ambassadors to hand out your business card to people they meet.

Information to Include

Business name, logo, short tagline that communicates what you do. What’s the best way for people to contact you and how are they most likely to contact you? Is it via your website, email, phone, facebook page, or physical location? Choose the 2-3 best options.

If it’s especially important to your industry, you could incorporate a professional certification or membership. A custom graphic or image can sometimes be used to reinforce your product/service especially if it’s a very focused product or service.

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