Posters provide a logical and cost effective way of communicating an idea or concept to your target market. When placed correctly posters can produce hype, awareness and alertness to a particular product or service. Posters are perfect for a small to medium size business to increase brand awareness and are a cheaper way to advertise than print, radio and TV.

Benefits of Posters:

Low Costs – We can help you with your posters at a low cost compared to other marketing and advertising channels. With a copywriter, graphic designer and printer all on sight we can help you design the perfect poster for distribution.

Active Response – People who are viewing posters are already actively engaged in the content and product or service in the poster.

Visibility – You can put up many posters in one location to increase the brand’s visibility. It’s quite normal to see entire rows of the same poster lining the side of a street, train station or bus stop. Bombarding people with imagery will ensure the message is going to sit in their heads long after they have viewed the poster.

Strategic Location – Putting the poster in a place where it will be seen is the number one point, though you may want to target specific locations to your product. For example burger or take away restaraunts may want to target train stations for hungry workers heading home for the day. They get the idea to order Pizza Hut – go home order and eat! A conversion for your company.

At Australian Online Printing we have all parts of your poster production covered – from copywriting, graphic designing and finally printing and delivery. All you need to do is organise putting them up!

Australian Online Printing has three core principals to ensure your label is made to the upmost quality.

  • Quality: from start to finish. It’s the experience from our staff and the finish of the final product that will make you love our company.
  • Reliability: we make deadlines and stick to them. No wasted money or time, we understand the importance of time and budgets.
  • Innovation: we are committed to new ideas and doing it bigger, better and providing more value.

We aim to deliver the finest quality commercial printing with exceptional value on time, every time for our customers in order to improve their image, their business and inspire others. We put you first and always ensure that we stay in touch. Contact us today to see how we can help build brand awareness for your product or service, increase profits and save you expensive advertising costs!