Before the internet and even before the telephone, how did people communicate? By mail that’s how! An envelope is used for mailing some form of written correspondence of a personal, public or business nature to somebody. Nowadays often we only receive letters from Grandma, Grandpa and the electrical company, but in the 40’s it was the best way to get in touch with someone and keep in touch.

The envelope and letter has taken a back seat to texting, calling, emailing and instant messaging in recent times. Although, there is still no better feeling than receiving something formal or nice in the mail. Australian Online Printing helps specialise in the design, production and distribution of envelopes. From the designing all the way through to the final product we can help you with all parts of the process.

The envelope is the first part of the letter you receive. They are integral in depicting and giving a first impression of what you’re trying to get across.

3 key points to remember about envelopes:

  1. Envelopes tell your audience who you are
  2. Envelopes show you paid for the postage delivering your message
  3. Envelopes are personally address to the centre of your attention: your audience

The importance of envelopes makes us remember that not only is the message itself important but the way we deliver it. This is also a metaphor for everyday life – speaking softly but with confidence to get across your statement or idea.

At Australian Online Printing, we want you to make a statement as soon as that envelope is in a clients, friends or partners hand. We will go out of our way to make sure you have a great customer experience built upon reliability, innovation and quality. Choose size, colour, design and any other final intricate touches you want to put on your masterpiece.

We put our customers first to ensure a happy and productive experience. We will help understand your requirements and what you need for us. We will manage your product with a high level of professionalism, proficiency and communication. Contact us now and manage your booking with the experts at Australian Online Printing.

Specials Description

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