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The humble pen is a daily necessity for people to get by. Where would we be in the corporate world without our trusty friend the blue or black pen? Pens are a great way to keep customer awareness as they constantly see the name or brand printed on the pen in front of them. Although possibly not even knowing what that brand is (often medical brands give it free pens) you will remember the brand name.

Australian Online Printing can customize pens to your liking – with the colour of the nib, colour and style of the pen, and any brand of your liking printed onto the barrel of the pen. Three great benefits of the promotional pen:

  1. Cost Effective – Deals on bulk pens buys are often much cheaper than the slot on radio, TV or online.
  1. Walking Advertisements – When designing custom pens for your company you can incorporate the name, address, telephone number and web address. Each time the recipient uses your pen they are reminded of your brand. In the future if they need your service or product you will be front of mind and may then get business!
  1. Usability – often when you create a promotional product you don’t know whether someone will take notice or use your product. Promotional pens are very different. Just about everyone works or attends school, plus they have a use for pens. You don’t want a promotional item that recipients will forget about or throw away.

Not only are the visuals of our pens phenomenal but the construction and components of the pen are top quality and long lasting. We ensure that the pen isn’t flimsy, non-functioning or short lived. At the Australian Online Printing company, we focus on quality, innovation and reliability to scheduling and communication.

We can help you through the whole process of the design and production of your pens. With a graphic designer on site as well as a professional printing team we can ensure that the product you envision can be delivered on time and to a high standard. Have your potential clients use your promotional pen every day and have them built to last today.

We offer a large range of promo pens and promotional products

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